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Mid-Life Planning

There comes a time for many families when it becomes overwhelming trying to plan for so many life occurrences. How do we pay off this mortgage? The kids are growing up so fast, but do we have enough saved up for their schooling? We just had our second baby and one of us has to be home with the kids, can we make it work if I go part-time or stop working entirely? Retirement is coming up and I’ve got my 401k at work, is that enough?

At Providence Wealth Planning, we take the time to sit down with spouses to understand their unique scenarios. For many, one spouse wants to pay for all of college, the other wants to put everything towards paying off the home, spend their kids' inheritance, or save every penny for retirement. How can we find balance? How can we give both mates a voice and make sure we’re coming to an agreement that makes sense for everyone involved? That’s where we come in. Our advisors are experienced in relationship management and helping our clients prioritize their goals. Not every goal may be obtainable, but with a focused plan of action, we can make more progress and give you a sense of relief, knowing where you stand with your finances. If you or someone you know needs some financial counseling to help prioritize the many financial decisions ahead, we're here to help.