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Retirement Income Planning

You’ve worked hard for decades and it’s finally time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But how much income should you be taking out? How do you deal with paying taxes? What happens if my husband passes away and we lose one of our social security benefits? A Providence Wealth Planning advisor will help you pick a retirement date with confidence, then lead you toward success in your golden years. You’ll have way more to think about and accomplish when paying taxes and running out of money aren’t on your mind. By planning with a Providence Wealth Planning advisor, you’ll have confidence that your retirement decisions are guided by experienced professionals who assist you in reducing your tax liabilities, position your portfolio in the appropriate allocations, reduce risk from your plans, and help you pass on wealth to those who are important to you, rather than your uncle, Sam.

Having worked so long to build up your retirement assets, it’d be a shame to see all that work go for naught. That’s why it’s important to consult professionals and be sure to make your best decisions yet when planning your exit strategy from employment.